Welcome To Glued To The Blue

I was born in Hampshire in England and now reside in Steilacoom WA in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of America.

I have been building and designing kites since 1991.

I feel what I do now is a culmination of all I have learnt in my life.

Kite design and flying to me is at the very centre of who I am.


When I design I begin to see pictures and colours in my mind.

At that point on they have to be realized.

That point of time when it all goes up in the air,

that moment,

when it all forms into that picture,

is when I am finally satisfied with a design. It is an amazing feeling.


I am so fortunate to do what I do every single day.

Not many people are in this position, I know this and am truly grateful.

I have around me the most amazing friends and loved ones who share my passion and give encouragement when I need it and a good slapping when I deserve it. Without whom I would be truly lost.


So welcome into my world.

Enjoy the creations and also join with me for the next adventures what ever they will be.

I have some pictures in my mind that I would love to share with you…..